For my Big Bang Theory fans, I hear this word in Howard Wolowitz's voice. I have taught for 17 years now and it is always so fantastic when one of my students from any of the schools at which I have worked, recognizes me. It is such a rush to hear "Hey! Ms. Sodaro" and it brings me a lot of joy to know that I made a positive impression on them and that they still say my name with affection :D I teach completely online now, so the likelihood of my getting recognized by my current students is less than in previous places of employment, but it still happens from students I have had in previous years. I have started a list of benchmarks in my transition from teacher life to author life. I have done a couple of my benchmarks; published my first book Whatever you Make of It, published my second book Arianna's Honor, about to publish my third book Arianna's Destiny. Each of these has been a benchmark as was my first book signing, my first writer's retreat, and my first nervous breakdown. On my list is also to be recognized in public as an author. To have someone come up to me and say, instead of "Hey! Ms. Sodaro!" (which I don't want to stop happening, ever!!!) but to say "Michelle Sodaro, the author?" And I will happily say, "Yes, that's me." I am very much looking forward to being recognized as an author...but it occurs to me, if I want people to recognize me from my book, when I go out in public, it might be a good idea if I actually look like my picture on my book, which means I actually have to do my hair and dress a little better than I currently tend to now. :D