"Realism can break a writer's heart." Salman Rushdie

I much prefer the worlds of the books I create or read to reality. News, social media, conversations; so much negative energy and so much time spent on hurting each other, bringing each other down, lying, cheating, thank you. I will sit over here with my pens and notebooks and just take a bit of a break from reality, thank you. I definitely see this as one way this quote appeals to me.

My goal is to own an island. I want to make a living as an author -- want my books to pay my bills. This is my goal -- an honest to God goal...and also portrays the second way I can relate to this quote. The reality is, that despite my hard work and plans, that none of my books may take off...but I find that "reality" to be disheartening and prefer to believe in my fictional world an characters, thank you very much.

Reality really can break a writer's heart...yes it can. In reality, loves end, people will fail you, you can do everything right and things can still go horribly wrong. So many things in our real world can absolutely destroy a writer's heart. So I will stay in my fictional worlds as much as I possibly can.