Redeeming Trust

So when I published Broken Trust in May of this year, I included the first chapter of Redeeming Trust as a teaser and included a note about how the sequel would be out in September of 2015.

On 22 May 2015, this seemed like an absolutely BRILLIANT idea. The first draft of Redeeming Trust was typed and printed and all ready for me to jump in and start the editing process. Seems, perfect, right? I thought so too...on 22 May.

Now I am sitting here 3 months and 2 days later and September is peeking around the corner and I keep checking and rechecking not only my calendar but also other, random calendars as well, because I am sure there is no way that it will be September next week, and I am equally sure I just misplaced July somewhere  (So far EVERY calendar has shown the same thing, so, of course, I am sure it is a conspiracy).

Whenever a novel comes out (for me -- other authors may not have this issue) I feel what I can only compare to a sort of post-partum depression (Yes...I am aware I have never had any children, but I have talked to a lot of people who have, and the feelings seem to be comparable).

There is such a joy when the novel is out. Look what I made. Isn't she beautiful. Etc. etc. etc. Joyous celebration and it's exciting and new and beautiful...but it's also exhausting, emotionally draining, and causes a bit of an emptiness that it takes a minutes to recover from. All the books I have read about publishing say the same thing -- when you finish something have another project (or two or three) that are in the exciting creation phase so that you stay productive. This of course was not a problem for me as I always have multiple projects in the creation phase and multiple in the editing phase.

Okay Sodaro, so what's the problem?

So Broken Trust is Sam and Ben's story. Well Sam and Ben as the love couple, but also it's kind of Sam and Ali's story -- and the story of their friendship (to me) is just as essential as the story of Sam and Ben and when I went to work on Redeeming Trust, which is Ali's chance for love and the continuation of her friendship with Sam, I was too close to them and working on the sequel so soon after Broken Trust came out felt disloyal -- like Ben and Sam existed only to get to Ali's story. So I needed some distance...and now I need some calendar days added back into my month, please. Take them from January -- no one will notice, promise.