Redeeming Trust update I must finally allow the calendar to claim defeat over my goals. Redeeming Trust  will not be finished within the next two days...there has just been too much real world to deal with and I haven't even gotten the draft to my reader yet.

When I was getting Arianna's Destiny ready for publication, I kept thinking she was ready and wanting her to be ready and thinking she was ready, etc.etc.etc. And then I met someone who helped me to understand the true meaning of a reluctant hero and I knew I had to add that to my Ari...who is every bit of a reluctant hero as the one I became friends with. Had I published her when I was first ready to do so, I would have missed out on this bit, which I think is a major part of her personality.

I don't know if I need to learn something or meet someone for Ali's story to be complete. I don't know if it is just a matter of needing my life to calm down a teeny, tiny bit so I can focus and get it done...I do know that I keep getting ideas for this scene and that, so there is obviously more story to tell. I also know that Redeeming Trust will be out exactly when she is supposed to...this has happened with my other 4 it has happened with countless other events in my life.

I trust the system. I know some people are frustrated and impatient. Trust me, I want to hold book #5 as much as I have wanted to hold my other 'children' but I don't rush the process...I trust in the process. As soon as she is available, I will let the world know.