Reflection on February

And we put another February to bed...almost everyone I talked to said this was an odd month...just odd. Maybe February has Napoleon's "little man syndrome" (and yes a story idea is forming where the different months are personified...if that surprises you, you really don't know me all that well, haha.)

I started exercising this month, with the idea that being more active will help my knees, bot the one that has osteoarthritis and the one that hasn't been checked would also help my energy levels and the depression I am keeping at bay (just barely some days, but I'm counting it as a win, nonetheless).

I have 3 chapters left of Redeeming Trust let to type and then my reader FINALLY gets it. Fix any plot holes she mentions...then final read through out loud and then publish (I haven't worked out the paying for this part yet, but at least it will be ready).

I have made tiny dents in the pile of debt, nothing significant, but enough dents and the pile will crumble.

I have only read 4 books so far this year and really need to kick this up a notch. Especially books by people I know so I can review them and help the cycle.

I have put myself out there socially, enough to be rejected, but it's more than I did last month and most of last year, so again, counting it as a win.

I have done some intense soul searching and reflection and have started the process of healing.

I am on the right path and I may be going slowly, but I am still moving forward.

Not too bad.