reflection...year three of 30 days of Blogging

Well here ends my 3rd year participating in "30 Days of Blogging." I didn't make it every single day, but I did make it more days than I didn't, so I am going to go ahead and count this as a success. 23/30 days...which is a 76% so definitely room for improvement...and I will definitely be back in 2015. I enjoy the challenge, just like I will do the National Novel Writing Month for the 3rd time this November. Next year I will add April's A-Z of Blogging to the challenges I participate in as well. This challenge definitely got me back to my neglected blog, but every day is sometimes unfeasible -- not because I have nothing to say (okay, some of you can stop laughing...I know I talk too much) but because sometimes I have stared at a computer screen for far too long that day and can't do it for one more minute. I absolutely love my online teaching gig, love it...and actually love teaching again, but it's a lot of screen time which some days makes me not want to type my blog on my computer or even my phone. So I can't blog every single day, but this month has taught me I can certainly do more than I have been doing. I can do 2-4 times a week...and I will do so for the rest of 2014. This is currently my 315th blog. There are 184 days left in the year, so my goal for the duration of this year will be to get as close to my 400th blog as I possibly can. Then I will adjust my goals so that by the end of 2015, I am at my 500th blog. If I stay on track with my books as well, I will have between 3-5 more books published to add to the three that I currently have. Yes, I think that will work out quite nicely. So there are plans, my friends, and you know how much I love having a game plan :D