Revisiting: Arianna's Destiny

Continuing my Throwback Thursday third book (first sequel). Sodaro_AriannaDestiny_EBOOKsizeReq (1)Arianna was supposed to wait her turn in line. Arianna's Honor came out in 2012 and then there were other books that were 'next.' But then my girl, Ari, was rather insistent that her sequel be next. The characters in my other novels happily stepped aside to let her pass. I am pretty sure it was not her sword that motivated them to let her cut in line, though I am sure her sword and her skill with said sword did cross their fictional minds. But whatever the reason, Arianna's Destiny became my 3rd published book. Her birth date was 2014 (and yes that gap will bother me forever...I have a 2011, a 2012, a 2014, and a far I have one 2016...but will have two more before year's end, so maybe then the gap won't matter to me as much).

Arianna's sequel was hard to write. I wanted to do her justice. She was this amazing epitome of strength. She was loyal to a fault; if you are among her friends and family, there is nothing she won't do to protect you, usually without regard to her personal health. She is a fighter and she spends a lot of time in an emotional state that is not my comfort zone. But she draws strength from her anger, so I channeled it for her. I understand anger, I just don't live there for the damage it does. But for Ari...I will channel it.

There have been inklings for a third one...I have started hearing my muse plotting...but not for a bit yet. Ari needs to rest and heal and the other books have been patient long enough. But soon...I will revisit my girl, Ari.