Revisiting Whatever you Make of It

So in honor of Throwback Thursday, I thought I would revisit my first "born," Whatever you make of It. (Published 2011 and available on

I was so clueless about so many things with this one. Fumbling and worrying at every stage...all part of the new parent package, or so I am told.

So Whatever you Make of It is the story of Jac and Jyn (or Johnathon and Rebecca, depending on your viewpoint). Jac and Jyn live in a book, but they don't know this until they hear Johnathon's voice.

Johnathon is obsessed with making partner at his law firm, no matter the cost. His relationship with his girlfriend is strained; his relationship with his parents, almost non-existent. He starts to read a book willed to him by his grandma and as he speaks his thoughts out loud, he struggles with the idea that the characters can not only hear him, but can talk to him as well.

As the book progresses, Johnathon learns a bit from Jac and Jyn...and they, in turn, learn a thing or two from him as well.

This book was so much fun to write. Who hasn't read a book and wished they could talk to the characters?