Yesterday, my sinuses were having a party and made it impossible for me to work on my novels, go to support a friend's band gig, or continue my 30 Days of didn't allow for me to do much of anything...and it was a valuable lesson all the same. Life is all about working past the roadblocks...big or small they are just roadblocks...bits of stuff in our path that can throw us off our game, or they can strengthen our resolve to accomplish our goals no matter what. I always see roadblocks as tests. Do I want this badly enough to fight past this? The answer for my novels is always yes. Knowing that answer makes the roadblocks smaller and easier to deal with. If the answer (for other things) is no, then the roadblock is merely to show me that I need to make a turn in my path...that I have gotten off track somehow and this roadblock is meant to steer me back to my course. I knew when I held my first published book Whatever you Make of It that my path was set. I would continue teaching because that is my career path at current and I now have a teaching job at a school that I respect. So I am good with my teaching career. What holding my first book showed me, was that there was never going to be a roadblock that would completely turn me from this path. After holding the tangible proof of this dream of mine, I knew I wanted to hold every novel I had thought of and knew that I would want to create every novel I had yet to think of as well. Knowing this...makes roadblocks easier to deal with...and helps me to forgive myself for the days like yesterday where I couldn't do any of the things I really wanted to do because of things I had to trying to breathe and keep my eyes open long enough to do something and finally just giving in to the day being one in which I will not be productive... But today is a new day and my sinuses are letting me be awake and productive and I have even more determination to get past my roadblocks and get things done. Let's do this.