School supplies

My name is Michelle Sodaro and I have a problem.

I simply cannot walk through a store that sells school supplies and not walk up and down each of the aisles, looking very longingly at every thing on both sides.

I tell myself I have enough pens and notebooks waiting for me. (Of course if anyone else were to say this to me, there would be a fight, and it would get ugly).

I tell myself to keep my hands in my pockets. Look with your eyes, not your hands, Sodaro. You can do this.

Behave Sodaro.

Just go and look at the pretty things. Do not put anything in your cart. No. Don't you do it...ok well, maybe just ONE pen...okay and one notebook. Just to keep things fresh.

Oh who am I kidding. I'll add to my collection every chance I get. I have a problem...