September Goals

Well, obviously, my first and most important goal for September, 2015, is to publish the sequel to Broken TrustRedeeming Trust will have a publication date of September 2015.

Connected to that, there will be a short story that gives an alternate version to the 1st meeting of Sam and Ali. (I will also include this short story in the beginning of Redeeming Trust). The story is called "Chance Meeting" and has Ali and Sam running into each other at the Kansas City Renaissance Festival where Sam is drawing characteriture portraits.

I will also be taking care of my physical health. Knee problems and some slight blood pressure issues caused me to wake up and stop being passive about my health.

I will be working on my spiritual health as well. I have taken far too many things for granted and need to get back in touch with the core of me.

I also need to work on and write through some issues that popped up from the summer months. My Master's thesis was about using writing to heal, understand, or deal with the things life hands us. Time to put it to the test once again.

Also want to hang out with friends, have writing dates, (I wouldn't say no to a date-date as well, but baby steps).

Here's to a great September. Full steam ahead!