Sequels, anyone?

So I know I touched on this when Arianna's Destiny was my primary project, but I thought I would touch on it again now that I am 6 chapters in to editing Broken Trust's sequel.

The nice thing about a sequel is the characters are already created and developed...the difficult thing about a the characters are already created and developed.  hahaha

With Arianna's Honor to Arianna's Destiny, I discovered I didn't like the name of Nicholas's best friend, but Arianna's Honor was already out, so the name remained for the sequel. People who had died, had to stay dead (although a zombie twist would have been interesting). and the unresolved issues that made Arianna so unique needed to either stay unresolved or have made mention on how they were dealt with...and my girl Ari definitely has some issues.

With Broken Trust to Redeeming Trust, there is a shift of focus from Sam to Ali, but there is also that need to stay consistent. Problems that happened, may rear their ugly heads, because as in real life, if you don't deal with things from your past, they tend to come back and bite you in the ass.

From the beginning, I have known there would be a sequel to Broken Trust. I think that makes a difference. (I also knew from the beginning that Ari would have a sequel) Knowing this, you can leave some things unresolved with the idea that you fix them in the sequel (yes, I do have a list...why do you ask)

A problem (for me) is when you don't know offhand if a set of characters has another story to tell (Whatever you Make of It -- I love Jac and Jyn so so so much, an would LOVE to play with them again, but I don't know if they have another story to tell...I honestly don't know). (Same with Arianna -- I could see a 3rd book just as clearly as I can see her just getting a well-deserved rest.)

Another issue with sequels is backstory. I have read some series/sequels where I feel like I am re-reading the entire first book (too much backstory). I have also read sequels where the author almost assumes I haven't read anything between the book and its sequel (too little backstory). It's all about the balance between the two...and I keep this in mind constantly as I edit.

I love that Ali and Sam get a sequel. Love that I get to keep playing with's like going back to visit old friends and picking up like no time has passed at all.