small victories...

Sometimes I get so anxious I can hardly take a full, deep breath. Writing always helps me with this. Some people also help...they bring out a calm that I want to just bottle it up (which seems a better alternative than kidnapping them). Today and yesterday, I have had so much productivity and each day I have written over 2500 words each day...I have gotten up early and stayed up late, organizing and writing, planning and reading and it has been amazing.

Today's anxiety was from getting over stimulated with all of my projects. It's usually pretty chaotic in my mind, but there is normally some organization in my chaos. This weekend with all of the progress I made all over the place, it was like that fake peanut brittle can...and you take the lid off and fake snakes jump out all over the place.

I went for a walk at Happy Rock park today to ease the anxiety. Breathing in the fresh air and listening to Pandora really helped me to get the anxiety down. So to celebrate my small victory over my anxiety, I took myself to Starbucks where I wrote for 3 hours and felt focused and calm.

I feel I have made a small victory over my pop addiction. I've only had one pop from the time I gave them up, which is over a month and a half now...and the pop I had was at the airport when I was told they had no pilot to get me back to Kansas City (we did end up having a pilot, obviously...).

I hope writing always helps me. I hope the friends who help me stay calm don't get tired of me needing a hand every now and then. I hope the weather stays nice enough for me to walk as often as I can.