So it's February...

Somehow I blinked again and it is the beginning of a new month...did "they" shorten January this year because it feels like it was just a week ago when I was jumping in with all of the others to scream out the 'New Year, New Me' plans...and I am still making progress and I am still making changes (not giving up on the whole season because of the first preseason game) but it just seems like I misplaced part of my January.

Looking at my resolutions...I made tiny bits of progress...I have talked to new people, opened an account for my writing, made teeny tiny itty bitty steps toward getting out from under my debt, have organized more of my projects, have kept my blog steady for its goal to reach 700 by year's end. I have worked on my OCD, but not to the point that it has become a compulsion (little joke for you there). I have made progress on using what I have instead of buying more (except for pens...I can't seem to stop buying those).

I have found a church I like enough to go back to for a 2nd week, have cleared out some of the emotional cobwebs from last year, and worked on some of the baggage and questions that were hanging over my head from the actions of others. Reminding myself once again that I can't control what other people do (and am really to busy keeping myself in line to even really want to) but I can control my reactions. I can walk away from things if they seem unhealthy. I can redefine myself and what I need in my life right now. (One of those things being solitude to refocus and heal...and of course to finish projects).

I didn't get Redeeming Trust all typed with its edits...but I did get closer. And it remains my number one priority (well...after keeping my jobs happy with me to keep the paychecks I need) and I will get more done now that things have calmed down. To those of you waiting, thank you for  your continued quasi-patience.