So much to do...

"Where's the fire, what's the hurry about? You better cool it off before you burn it out You got so much to do and only So many hours in a day"

"Vienna" by Billy Joel

I love having multiple projects. I love that it keeps my mind alert and sharp. I can be thinking about one project and have ideas for another project that pop into my mind and keep me busy. I constantly have ideas bouncing around in my head like a bunch of ping pong balls, which is a delightful image. Or, if you prefer, think of a Bingo ball picker...all those ideas going round and round and round...which one is going to fall into the slot??? I rub my hands together in excitement as I wait to see which one it is.

The problem with this is that my mind is very seldom quiet, which makes for a very interesting conclusion to any attempts at sleep or meditation or peaceful calm, but I am so used to the chaos in my mind it worries me when it is too quiet in my mind.

Having so much to do is a blessing, of course. It means my projects are making progress and I am getting closer and closer to my goals. Constant motion forward is the solution to my dreams. My author life becomes more and more real with every chapter I finish, every page I write, and every novel I publish.

But Billy Joel is right...I need to take some time so I don't burn out. Thanks, have never led me wrong.