Still all day to Play

It happens every year about this starts getting darker sooner, hoodies replace t-shirts (but it's the Kansas City area, so you might need that t-shirt tomorrow)...but in my mind it's like a sign goes up that says "Closed until Spring -- come back later."

I am in the process of making a lot of changes in my life and those changes include my mentality of shutting down for the winter. I have things I need to get done this year and I am not allowed to take the winter off. I am making strides toward having a stronger author life (while still embracing my teacher life) and just as I teach year-round, I need to write and edit and publish all year-round as hard as it is to do so with limited sunshine...and to fight my natural inclination to hibernate (I am a true Bears and Cubbies fan, after all).

I definitely have plans to publish one more novel this year. (Redeeming Trust, my sequel to Broken Trust). I also need to publish the short story "Chance Meeting" which is an alternate first meeting for Sam and Ali. I will have it at the beginning of Redeeming Trust and will also likely post it here, as well as trying for magazines and such. I also want to have a non-fiction book out (right now I am leaning toward Words to Write to with the second possibility being A-Z of the Writing Process.) But that makes 4 publishing credits for 2015, bringing my grand total to 9 (two poems in separate collections, Whatever you Make of ItArianna's Honor, and Arianna's Destiny).

I have my plans for what I want to publish in 2016, including my Lucky Charms series with First DownStealing Second, and Hat Trick as well as a non-fiction project or two. In order to get all of this done and keep my full-time job and possibly my part-time job, I can't afford to take off from end of October to end of March because of lack of daylight. I need to play year-round. So, put me back in, Coach. I'm ready.