Story ideas

The entire Lucky Charms series (which will be out in 2016) came to me at a hockey game one New Year's Eve. I went with some amazing friends and was as captivated by the game as I was by a "Super Fan" who went throughout the crowd getting people excited and involved in the game. He became JD and that one guy sparked an entire 3-books series.

Don't let Go (My NaNoWriMo for this coming November) started from two young friends holding hands to jump in a pool.

Arianna started from the suggestion where Nicky suggested an alternative to marriage that Arianna found offensive (trying so hard to not give any spoilers here). That scene was a dream and I was instantly enamored with this angry, honorable female character. What WAS this man to say this to her and why did he get away with saying it?

My newly released Broken Trust (and its upcoming sequel, Redeeming Trust, due out September 2015) came from a dream also. I saw the record store and met Ali and Sam (and for both of these two females, I am very grateful I dream in color...there is nothing black/white about these two). This dream grew into a novel and its sequel through a conversation with a math teacher friend who quickly became as excited about the story as I was.

People tell me all the time they have always wanted to write a book, they just don't know what to write about...I tell them when the idea is all you can think about -- when it invades your sleep and waking hours, when you see your characters every where...then you have found your book. I really feel my books chose me...and I am so very grateful they did.