Jan 24, 2016 by Michelle Denise Sodaro
So one of the many survey, "what is your theme song" quizzes I took told me that "Walking on Sunshine" by Katrina and the Waves was my theme song, and while the lyrics don't really apply to me as I am not currently needing to know if someone loves me as I am taking a hiatus from dating until I get some of my mess cleaned up (personal, financial, spiritual), the beat of this song has always got me dancing in my car or cubicle or where ever else I happen to be when the song comes on. Even more than the beat, I like the metaphorical idea of walking on sunshine (not literal -- don't be silly). I love sunshine. Love It. Love IT. LOVE IT. I love how pretty it is in the sky. I love how pretty it makes the ground. I even forgive it when it's still cold outside and the sunshine is just a facade, though I miss its warmth, I still love the sunshine. I never complain about its brightness, and if anyone else complains about it, I shush them before the sunshine hears them and runs away. I struggle this time of year. Not because of the cold. I have a magic purple flannel shirt that I have had since 1992 that keeps me quite cozy. I struggle this time of year, and not even because of the snow. I had a conversation with an attractive man (hey, I am taking a hiatus from dating, I'm not dead...). We had a chat for the duration of our respective oil changes about the absolute beauty of a good snow fall. I just want it to be cold and snowy...with lots and lots of sunshine...and I really struggle when there is no really, REALLY get motivated to do anything other than sleep. I write and do the bare minimum, but it is a struggle when there is no sunshine.