Okay, so it is February (I double checked my calendar) and here in the KC area, we have temperatures that are very non-February-y and I am loving loving loving it. (Well, except my sinuses and allergies which are beyond confused and trying to have parties to try to figure out if it is Spring or still Winter so they know how to act).

Being solar powered, as I am, I am loving this weather. When it is nice out...sunny and warm (though the wind has me walking around a lot of the time like Cousin It) there is just a positive energy around and I just SOAK IT UP. I am pretty full of positive energy most of the time (when you have the characters I have in your head, it's hard to have any negative energy at all) but cold and gray (and life things) can suck out that positive energy and make it hard to want to do anything at all, including writing...which I still make sure to do at least for 30 minutes a day because sometimes that is the only thing that keeps me going.

I want to find a nice picnic table and grab my notebooks and pens and just soak up the Vitamin D and fresh air (I'll double up on my allergy's worth it) and just FEEL the energy refilling me with hope and focus and motivation. It is rather hard to be stressed and crazed when the sun is shining (especially when I look at the calendar and am reminded it is February so we could have snow tomorrow).