Tax-free school supplies!!!!

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So I don't know if your calendar is marked like mine is, but in bold purple letters, I have scrawled over this weekend TAX FREE SCHOOL SUPPLIES!!!!!! It's written bigger than anything else I have going on this month.

For people like me, this is better than Christmas.

I love to go to the pen aisle.

"Have it."

"Have it."

"Ugh. Hate it."

"Ooooh Need it."

"Have it."

"Have it."

"Well this says NEW on it -- need that...maybe in blue AND black, just to be thorough."

"Have this, but may run out mid-page; better grab some more of those."

"Ugh. Hate that ENTIRE brand."

Then it's over to the notebooks. I like to look at my different options and lean in to hear if they have a story idea already (yes, I get funny looks when I do this. No, I don't care)

Some I buy for future projects without knowing exactly what they are going to grow's always good to have spares around because you never know when you are going to think of the perfect idea for a purple 3-subject college rule notebook (always college rule -- my handwriting looks like a kindergartner when I use wide rule)

I look at binders and dividers and office supplies to see if anything screams out TAKE ME HOME!!!!!! HEY, SODARO, YOU NEED THIS!!! (I've talked to other people about this, and evidently there are people who school supplies do not talk to, which makes me very sad for them.)

As I take my treasures to the check out, there is a bounce in my step and my pony tail swings from side to side. Almost every time the cashier will ask me if I got everything on my kids' lists. I always smile and say, 'Oh, I don't have any kids. These are all for me." And then I take my treasures home and add to my collection...

My favorite weekend

**Public Service Announcement...there are so many kids who can't afford school supplies and there are usually boxes at every store where you can donate supplies to kids. Help them get a good start to their school year!!! Donate extra new school supplies every chance you get!!! ***