The best is coming

"The best is yet to come, and babe, won't that be fine?" Frank Sinatra

Everything in my life is telling me what Ole' Blue Eyes sang about....the best is yet to come. How can that not bring a smile?

I am coming through a particularly intense storm. I made mistakes, paid the price, and am now looking at the most brilliant blue sky I have ever seen. The best is yet to come. Absolutely. Without a doubt.

I have gotten lost in what other people expected of me or needed from me and through this, I lost some pieces of my true self -- but now I'm back and I feel free to be my truest self again. My truest teacher self. My truest author self. My truest complete self. It's good to be back and the best is definitely yet to come.

This past weekend, I edited 15 chapters of Redeeming Trust. All I have to do now is type my edits and add the final couple of chapters. Then it is handing it off to my ever-so-patient and always-so-wonderful reader, talk to my cover artist, then one more final out-loud read-through and it's off to the presses -- 5th book about to be published and its off to work on the next project.

The best is yet to come for me as an author.

I am going to continue to push myself and expand my author life.

Watch me go!