The Best of Me

Aug 16, 2016 by Michelle Denise Sodaro
The first time I heard "Best of You" by the Foo Fighters, I was enthralled by the lyrics...I immediately watched it on You Tube and couldn't stop watching Dave Grohl (who is amazing...just amazing). There is so much emotion on his face as he sings this song. I don't know who/what it was written for...and just like I don't care about the inspiration behind my favorite painting, Starry Night, I don't care why this song was written...but every time I hear it it makes me one has ever gotten the best of me.

No one has ever gotten all of me. Some have come close. Some think they have gotten the best of me...some think they have known all of me. They haven't...not really. They have gotten what I allowed them to have...they have known what I allowed them to know. My students think they know me...they know what I show them. My family...even most of my friends.

The best of me...the whole of in my writing. There I am completely free. I have no masks. I have nothing hidden. There is just me and the blank page. My soul is there. The core of me. The darkness. The light. The fear. The hope. My faith. My doubts. My crazy. My sanity. All of that is revealed when I write...and every time I hear that song, I think about that. I like to think that one day there will be someone who does get the best of me...