The Little Things

Jan 25, 2016 by Michelle Denise Sodaro
(So the other day, I blogged about the baby author steps I have taken and how one of those steps was to open a checking account for my books and help grow that account paycheck by paycheck) A happy surprise came from the bank I had opened the account. I got a hand-written card from the woman who had opened my account, welcoming me to the bank, which was nice enough and rare in this digital world. What really gave me the much-needed kick in the author pants was the final part of the note, where she said, "good luck with your book." Just a little thing that made a huge difference. The second little thing that made a huge difference was my reader who has recently rediscovered her love for an talent in drawing. While she is "patiently" waiting for Redeeming Trust, she has come up with some ideas for characters for another project she has read. (I put patiently in quotes because I know exactly how close she is to chaining me to my computer until I finish typing the edits.) And the third little thing that cut through the haze of too many gray skies-days was another friend who told me she was fighting sleep to get farther in Broken Trust...guess I better get Redeeming Trust closer to done...everyone who has read Broken Trust is ready for Ali's of the best feelings in this author's world is hearing people like my stories and my characters...I'm not just writing my novels for me anymore -- everything changed the day I held the published copy of Whatever You Make of It and I need to fight past my Seasonal Affective and get my books out. Come on, Sodaro...your characters and your readers are counting on you.