The paradox of February

So every year, about this time, it occurs to me that February is a calendar days, it is the shortest month (even in years such as this one where it has 29 days instead of its usual 28) and yet, somehow, it always feels like the longest month in the history of all time.

Maybe it's that awkward time after football before baseball where we are not quite sure what to do with ourselves? I know there is still basketball and hockey to watch, which is helpful...but still...

Maybe it's all of us waiting for Spring? We get these little teasers of nice weather but nothing stays the same for more than three minutes and the warm weather only serves to confuse flora, fauna, and allergies.

Somehow, I lost almost two weeks this long-short month. I went to work (I am pretty sure of this as I somehow still have both my full-time and part-time teaching jobs). My cats are still alive and affectionate (ish) towards me, so I must have fed them and kept up with their demands. I'm not mal-nourished or wasting away so I must be eating on a regular basis as well.

Then I look at my projects and I have no idea what happened to that time. For about two weeks, very little progress was made...and part of it, I know, is from the aforementioned confused allergies, but there is just a block in my memory of what I accomplished for the past two weeks. I am behind on every project, including my blog...and it's a little disconcerting because I have lots to get done.