Thinking about April

Apr 30, 2015 by Michelle Denise Sodaro
Holy Blogging Batman! I actually completed a blogging challenge. (I evidently did it according to my own rules, but that is pretty par for the course for me.)

I enjoyed the challenge. I obviously enjoyed the Alphabetical aspect of the challenge. I also enjoyed sharing what I have learned about the writing process as I have grown as a writer these past 5 years. I have written my whole life, but it wasn't until 5 years ago that I began to seriously consider finishing and publishing my writing.

In addition to completing the A-Z blog challenge, I worked on getting Broken Trust closer to clicking send. (I ran into a plot challenge and then some emotional not mention sinus blocks).

I tried to get a part-time job during this month to help with the cost of publishing, but the place I wanted to work liked me way to much and gave me way too many hours --hours which took me away from writing, which is not acceptable, so I quit (but I got a story idea for it, as I tend to do with everything).

My word count for the month was 26,679. My miles walked is 25. Still have progress to be made.