Thinking about NaNoWriMo

Just as the process of getting a book from written to edited to revised to published has gotten more efficient (and will, with each future book, become more seamless) so does my NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month, or what some people refer to as November) experience become more productive with each year.

My first year (2012) I, as I have mentioned before, forgot to respect my process. I dove in head first and worked ONLY on my NaNoWriMo project of Redeeming Trust. I didn't edit anything or write anything else, not a poem, not a journal entry, not even a freewrite. I was going to stay focused if it killed me and of course it didn't kill me, but it did kill my story. I got blocked at the killer chapter 12 and didn't recover until NaNoWriMo was in my rear view mirror. This put me stuck at about 20k for my word count, which is far short of the goal of 50k in 30d (50,000 words in 30 days).

My second year (2013), I did better. I learned my lesson and while First Down was my primary goal to write on every day, I allowed myself journalling, freewrites, poems, even adding briefly to chapters of other projects ...anything to keep the pen flowing across the page (and yes, I write all my novels out in longhand which, yes is a hindrance for NaNoWriMo as my word count can not be officially verified).

This year (2014) I have a writing buddy who will be writing on her story as I am writing on mine, Driven West. This year I plan to blog a bit every other day or so so my readers can accompany me on my journey. I will also allow myself the brief diversions as needed, to keep the writing going.

This year, will be my best NaNoWriMo yet!! :D