Time alone

Writing is an amazing world...I take these beautiful shiny pens and I combine them with blank paper and magic happens. And when I finish the magic, I want to share my magic with the WHOLE WORLD!!! I want to talk about my books, my characters, my muse. I want to sing my book's praises from the tops of all rooftops, if I actually found myself on rooftops, which would be rather tricky. SO the after part, is ALL about people...talking to people and sharing with people...and I LOVE IT!!!! If you are ever talking to me and I've gotten irritated or have lost focus, just ask me about my novels and we will be good to go!!! :D So the after part, is all about people. The writing part of things is completely alone. Isolation and time to just be with my notebook and my pens. Alone. It needs to be comfortable for you to be with just you...anyone who has ever said to me that they want to be a writer (don't get me started on this rant...), the first thing I say to them is "you better really be okay with being by yourself." Editing and writing groups and critiquing...those are fantastic and should be done in groups. But when it gets down to the basics and the bare bones of writing, you are going to be spending a lot of time alone. I say this, and it is the absolute truth. You need to have time alone if you are going to be a writer. As supportive as everyone is, it is really hard for someone to sit in the same room as a writer and not be curious...or ask questions...or breathe loudly...or hum...or whistle...or get up and sit down and get up and sit down...and all of those things are lovely...but not when someone is writing. I also feel like I'm not really ever alone. At any given time, I have my muse (constant) and my characters with me as I frantically try to capture the scene or bit of dialogue. So it's not REALLY time alone...it's just time away from people or things that may prevent the magic from appearing on the page. And heaven help you if you interrupt a writer when there is a streak of magic appearing on that page...if you sneezed and the writer lost focus...yikes.