Time well Spent

I thought about this on Saturday when I looked outside at the beautiful sunshine-y day and continued to write inside. There was a part of me that felt like I should be outside, knowing the MidWest's propensity for taking away a consistent Fall and going from Summer to Winter without too much in-between. Maybe I should go outside and enjoy the sun because all too soon, I will not be able  to go outside without 14 layers of clothing. (I have lost all of my Chicago-area thick skin and am now cold). Maybe I should...

Then I remembered my to-do list for my writing projects, not to mention my being allergic to Ragweed (which is off the charts right now)...so I didn't go outside on Saturday and I don't go outside as much as other people do, though every time (when it's not raining) I drive my Jeep, my windows are down, my hair is free and blowing, and I am enjoying the fresh air, even though my sinuses thank me by making it almost impossible to breathe.

I enjoyed the sunshine. I sat next to my window and enjoyed the natural light, enjoying having no electricity being used as I wrote in my notebook. I enjoyed the peaceful feeling of not needing to be anywhere by any time. I was able to make progress on projects, and that is always time well spent. Some don't understand that, and it's okay. I still love them.

I do appreciate sunshine, nice weather days, and fresh air (the last one is definitely a love-hate relationship). I also can't afford to lose another minute of momentum...not now that I have some focus and clarity again.

So yes, I thanked Mama Nature for the beautiful weekend and I got to work, because as I recently told a friend, these pages won't write themselves.