Timing is everything

It always AMAZES me how things happen right when they are supposed to. I was thinking about this with multiple aspects of my life, but for the sake of consistency, I will stick to my writing for my examples.

I started writing Crusin for Love over a decade ago. My beautiful and insightful Brenda who has a dating service on a cruise ship. She has an intuition about people what they are truly looking for in love, but is too focused on everyone else to recognize when Nick (whose name is now Gavin, I believe) walks into her life as EXACTLY what she is looking for in love.

But I have put this novel on the back burner for quite some time now, never forgetting about Brenda and her cruise ship...never forgetting about her struggle or Nick/Gavin's struggle (I named him before Nicholas' final name change in Arianna's Honor). But when I had started the novel, I loved a musician and got to learn about that part of it. Now one of my closest friends has the intuition I wrote about for Brenda, but didn't really understand. I need to see what she does and add realistic depth to Brenda's gift. I also had to experience true loss to understand more of Nick/Gavin's personality and destructive choices before he meets Brenda.

It always amazes me how things work out. Before I had published Arianna's Destiny, I had to learn first about reluctant heroes to truly be able to portray Ari. The school I teach at is predominately military and I have learned volumes about reluctant heroes who just do what they have to, to get the job done. I had to meet people who needed to stay in relationships for financial security (something I have never had the strength to do) in order to understand Ben in Broken Trust. (I also had to work at a certain school that had armed police officers, to get the idea solidified for Officer Biceps).

It's an awe-inspiring thing to see. I go through moments when I get upset -- feeling behind because I have these finished drafts just sitting around, but then I know they will get finished EXACTLY on time...and if I can't work on them right now, there's likely someone key I haven't met yet...or something I have yet to experience. So I wait.