Too Comfortable...

So, it happens every time...I get too comfortable with things, am not proactively working on things I should, and putting off other things I should not put off. All the while being impatient with my lack of progress.

Life likes to wait for moments like this to throw curve balls in to middle of plans. Every. Single. Time.

Most recently has been about my working out...that's going too easy, so let's make it cold and rainy in, thanks. Now the arthritis is acting up and it is harder for me to push past the pain.

My schedule has often been cramped from full-time teaching, part-time teaching, and trying to get as much writing and editing done as possible. I kept lamenting about the lack of writing time I have...and now I may not have the part-time job anymore, so poof...there is some more writing time for me. (Consequently, I have been passive about my budget and financial responsibilities because I had that part-time income to give me a cushion...and since I didn't take care of things as proactively as I should have, the universe was more than happy to make it so I had no choice but to make and stick to a budget.

So now I have more time to write and less money to waste...and while I will look for another part-time job...for the moment, I am fine and not at all sad with the time I can fill with writing and editing. I have books to get out, after all, which is also something I have been slacking on. Tighten that belt, Sodaro. There's work to get done.