"Whatever satisfies the soul is truth." Walt Whitman

You know that moment where you have made a decision and everything inside you is smiling and you feel absolute peace of mind, heart, and soul...this is truth.

Sometimes it is beginning of something. Sometimes, unfortunately, it is the ending of something...but there is always that overwhelming all-encompassing feeling that just fills you all the way to your toes and everything makes sense and you just feel completely at peace. This is truth. You know you made the right choice and somehow it will all work out.

I have always loved writing. Have always felt the peace at the feel of a pen in my hand, flowing across the paper. I have always known the healing powers of writing (even made it the entire basis for my Master's Thesis).

When a love of mine died, I was crushed. My heart and soul were devastated and I was lost. And then the plans we had made together where I was a full-time author came to my mind, and I knew I would still accomplish this goal on my own, just like we had planned. As soon as I made that decision, my soul was at peace and I knew that being an author was my future. That decision satisfied my soul...and is the absolute truth.