Ugly Personalities -- why are they needed; what to avoid (A-Z blog)

Some characters are not bad guys per se, but they are incredibly unlikable. (They exist in real life too) People who are not evil, but their personalities are just not attractive at all.

I struggled with this concept in my current project, Broken Trust. There are a few characters, who in my mind, have no "good" qualities. They don't grow. They don't see the error of their ways...they don't learn their lessons and promise to be better people. Their hearts don't grow three sizes -- they stay the same as they were in the beginning and I am 84.3% (made up statistic) sure these people will be the exact same in the sequel as well. I hesitated a bit when deciding this.

I am a fan of personal growth and people having redeeming qualities. And then I looked around me...I mean out into the real world, and I realized there are some people walking around this planet who aren't evil, but would never be considered "good" people. Not all of them are sociopaths or anything, but there are people who are completely self-absorbed, people who are superficial and narcissistic and who will manipulate and use people. People are very willing to take advantage of others. There are people do in fact have ugly personalities...and as my novels are not supposed to ring true only for the kind people, it is helpful to have people with ugly personalities in print, since they do exist and add texture to our lives.