Unfinished Business

So right now, I am plagued with unfinished business. I have so many projects in various states of "not done" and while this is a pretty common state of existence for me, sometimes it bothers me more than others. Sometimes I am content with the idea that I am making continual progress, that I am getting things closer to completion, and that I am doing the best I can each day. I thrive on the chaos because I never get bored. Believe me...I am not a good person to have bored...not that I allow it to happen much, if at all.

Right now I have 97 books that I haven't read on my Kindle...this is not to mention the books I have on my actual bookshelves. I have 6 first drafts that need to be revised (Yes, I am close to done on Broken Trust and it is going to be published this month, come hell or high water...whatever that expression means). I have 25 novels that I have started writing. I also have multiple research projects I have started to take notes on, outlines created, references gathered.

Imagine a bakery...and the chef has started making all these pies and cakes and they are all laying all over the counters. It is the baker's intention to get each one of the delicious desserts finished, but it's hard because only one (or maybe two) can be worked on at one time...two hands, one brain...really need to focus on one pastry, finish it and put it out for the customers. Yes, I know it is difficult to picture me as a baker, but the analogy works regardless. (mmmm...pie)

I feel like I need to push a pause button on my life...just for a day or two, okay...week or two, maybe a month. And just make progress uninterrupted. I need to finish more of my unfinished business and get things done.