Unpacking for the New Year

Okay, yes, I moved at the beginning of November, and maybe I should be unpacked by now...and I am, well, mostly...except where I am not. And those boxes I haven't been able to unpack are more metaphorical than literal (In all honesty, I have about 3 actual boxes from the move which are odds and ends and haven't found a place yet in my new home...but they fit nicely in the closet).

The boxes I am unpacking are my memories, my struggles, my fears, my setbacks, my illusions, my heartbreak, my mistakes, my disappointments in myself and others, my crushes, my questions, my negative energy, my negative self-esteem..basically everything which has been holding me back from being all I can be. Anything which is making me not grow, not change, not embrace my new life...is carefully documented so I can still use it for novels and non-fiction projects (I did not do all that research for nothing)...but is going to be left behind as I move into 2018. I want to be the author, the friend, the lover, the woman I want to be without all of my old boxes dragging me down and holding me back.