Voice - how to find it; how to own it (A-Z blog)

Apr 24, 2015 by Michelle Denise Sodaro
One of the best compliments I heard about Whatever you Make of It was that it sounded like me. Alternately, one of the comments I would write most often on my student's papers was "this doesn't sound like you. I need more YOU in this paper." In my experience, as an author and a teacher, we only find our voice by writing. Writing a LOT. Writing more.  Writing a LOT more. Then doing some writing. Read it. Write some more. We develop our voice by putting words down on paper. By developing a relationship with those words and by having a lot of practice. "Is this something this character would say" is just as important as "does this come naturally for me to write?" If the answer isn't yes, try again. Think about your favorite author. When you have read multiple books by the same author, you get a sense of his or her voice. Now read through some things you have written...do you hear it? little nuances that are all your own. Curious about developing your voice? Take a story you know well, written by someone else. Write the story without looking at it. See the differences?? That's your voice. Find it. Embrace it. Own it. Now go write.