Volition: the act of willing, choosing, or resolving (Dictionary.com)

Lately this word has popped up in two completely unconnected places and the second one was really just to make sure I heard it...and was paying attention.

This past weekend, I attended a graduation for the school I am grateful to teach at and the speaker talked about the power of choice...he talked about what a powerful thing it is to have volition in our lives.

The second source was a book called Motivation Manifesto by Brendon Burchard. I have just barely started chapter one, and low and behold, on same day as graduation, there was that word again...Volition. The power of choice.

I choose my life. I choose my teaching life and I choose my author life. I am blessed to have the former that helps to support the latter in time and money. I choose to love my jobs.

I choose positive over negative. I choose to be around positive, uplifting, honest people. I choose this, because every time I choose the opposite, it does damage to me.

Every day I choose what I get accomplished. Some things get put higher on the to do list (those things that pay the bills come first, as they need to).

I choose to forgive myself for mistakes and errors in judgment.

I choose to be open to love and friendship despite past hurts.

I choose to believe in the Universe and follow its plan (having gotten smacked upside the head with a 2x4 when I don't do this.)

Volition is a powerful thing...I can't think of a worse feeling than to feel as if you are stuck...as if you have no choice. But, then, even that is a choice, if you choose to stay stuck.

I choose to believe in my novels and my characters. Every day, I make this conscious choice to believe in my future as an author (and probably still as a teacher...graduation always proves how deep it is in my blood).

I choose to edit my novel.

I choose to write.

I choose to free myself of negative energy.

I choose to be healthy.

I choose. There is power in that sentence, my friends. I choose.