May 01, 2016 by Michelle Denise Sodaro
"These are the days that must happen to you." Walt Whitman So, looking back over my A-Z blog challenge, I realized I skipped W...and maybe subconsciously I wanted to write about Whitman today...after all, Whitman was his favorite poet...and today being what it is...6 years ago today was the last time I heard his voice out loud. It was hard to choose a Whitman quote. Of the transcendentalists, he was my least favorite...but since he was the favorite of one of my all-time favorite people, I will honor the poet today. Everything happens for a reason. Every person we meet, leaves a mark on our lives. And there are days that we must experience, must endure. Must have as part of our lives...to learn something, to grow, to change, to leave an unhealthy situation...to get to the next stage of our life. Some days have to happen. Some events have to run their course. I know that everything in my life has shaped me into the teacher and writer I am today. And while I haven't loved every experience along the way, I do love the person I am because of everything I have experienced. Tomorrow is never promised. Love fully. Dance in the rain. Follow your dreams. Give up on those people and things that don't support you. Believe in yourself at least as much as your true friends do. Fully embrace the days that must happen to you. Learn more. Do more. Grow more. Don't let fear win. Experience what you need to experience. Mourn those you have lost, but celebrate the time you got to be a part of their life.