Writer's conference

Today starts my 2nd time attending Pikes Peak Writer's conference (which is celebrating its 25th anniversary!!).

Last year I was so nervous before the conference started, not knowing what to expect or where to go or if I even belonged here. (I had self-published 4 books and still felt like I was playing at being an author...which was mostly due to how much time proportionately I spent writing, as compared to what I spent teaching).

Then I made myself leave my hotel room and go down among the other authors...and I found my people. The writers, the dreamers, the poets. I was among my people. *With the exception of sitting next to the guy I refer to as "butter boy" because he grabbed the butter pat from the dish with his hands...and spread it on the roll...ALSO with his hands*

This year I am about to self-publish my 7th novel. I have quit my teaching career to have the time to ardently pursue my author career. I have fully embraced the fact that I AM AN AUTHOR!!!!! *Those of you who hoped it was just a phase, sorry boutcha'*

I am going to have an amazing time. I am going to talk writing to other writers. I am going to soak in as much as I can. I am going to watch people...and I am going to be careful who I sit by at lunch :D