Writing Schedule

So my summer was not like a lot of my fellow teachers. My school goes year-round and has starts for classes almost every week, so there is no "summer vacation" other than what time off each of us takes here and there. On one hand this is nice because I always know what to expect every single week...on the other hand, I really wouldn't cry about having solid weeks of time for writing.

I started this year with a set writing schedule and was productive and getting things done. This summer, I relaxed my schedule a bit. I was still writing every day, let's not get crazy...but it was just "write something" and there were no real times listed or expectations to meet. It wasn't really my best decision as I have not made as much progress on projects as I think I would have, had I stayed structured in my writing time. As I have no time machine (if I did, there would be a lot of changes I made to choices, not just this summer...)

So now it is time to get back down to business. it is time to put myself back on a writing schedule. It is time to respect my writing time (and my budget) and treat my author profession as the second job that it truly is. I need to get back to business, so to speak.

I need to have time set aside every day...time where I am not on my phone or allowing other distractions to occupy my time. On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday...I may only get an hour because those are my 'drive to Lenexa' days and have 10-hour days to work around...but I will still get that hour. The rest of the week, I will have more than one hour scheduled, and will adjust my schedule as needed. It's time to get back to productivity and progress. Let's go, Sodaro.