Writing Time

Jun 12, 2015 by Michelle Denise Sodaro
"When writing a novel, that is pretty much entirely what life turns into. House burned down. Car stolen. Cat exploded. Did 1500 easy words, so all in all it was a pretty good day." Neil Gaiman

Ah truer words...is there anything better than a writing zone where you are aware of exactly nothing around you. Earthquakes could happen and as long as it didn't make me spill my coffee on my draft, I would probably not notice at all. (I say this living in the Mid-West where earthquakes are not our natural disaster typically).

I have been in good writing zones where for days I don't shower, I barely sleep, I eat only what can be devoured with my with my left hand. My hair has become this knotted mess of a bun that has been absently taken down and put back up repeatedly. When i do stand up, I realize my legs don't quite know what to do and I need to use the restroom. (And wow...when was the last time I brushed my teeth?)

When I am writing and the words are just dancing across the page and the characters are all acting out the scenes without any bad takes, and all I need to do is keep up...it is amazing and intense and I haven't checked my phone in three days, so maybe I should re-enter the world and make sure no one is worried about me. I should also shower...because...really...WOW...

I love good writing days. They are absolutely magical...I'm pretty sure I would notice if one or both of the kittens exploded though...I hope.