Xciting -- the best part of the writing process (A-Z Blog)

I apologize for the cheat...but it's hard to find a legitimate X word for the writing process.

The exciting part of the writing process is the writing zone where you aren't aware at all of the world around you or the chaos inside you. Where all you know is words on page, words on page, words on page -- where your pen flies across the paper (or your fingers fly on the keyboard) and you aren't even aware of how much time has passed until you stretch and your body creaks in protest and you realize you really need to use the restroom and more than likely eat something and what day is it and how is it 6pm.

It's a really good thing I have the two cats. they don't let me go without feeding them, so while I am up from my desk, I'll eat and rehydrate and (yikes) probably shower and Dear God go outside. It's also a good thing I have a job that expects me to be around other people on a fairly regular basis...and friends who check on me to make sure I am still alive and kicking.

This zone, where it is nothing but you and words is amazing. It is intense and exhilarating and unbelievable. There are no critics (internal or external) , no doubts, no negativity...there is only you and your pen and paper (or keyboard) and if you ever need proof of magic, it is here at your desk.

As exciting as it is, it is also completely exhausting. It's a good thing that frenzied pace is not constant.

As a note...if you see me at a Starbucks or Perkins and I don't even look up when the door opens, and my pen is flying across the page, please wait for my hand to cramp to come talk to me about writing. Thank you so much.