Year three of 30 Days of Blogging

So there are a couple of traditions that I especially enjoy since I have been focusing on my author life (while still doing my teacher life full-time) of them is the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) in November and the second one (which happens to come first chronologically) is the 30 Days of Blogging in June. I almost did the A-Z Blogs in April, but had too many plates in the air to be able to fully focus. So I will add that to my repertoire next year when I have a better handle on things. I like the challenge these traditions present...and since I have been seriously slacking on my poor blog, this will be just what I need to get me back on the horse...I have, as I did last year, brainstormed a list of 30 things I want to write about so that I have ideas...these will be fall-back ideas, of course, because as a writer, I may have something different that I want to talk about on a given day :D My first year I just tried to wing it...and found that I had nothing to say...those of you who know me, know it is rare that I am without a topic to discuss. So I am excited to do this again. Last year I met some "friends" who it has been a pleasure to follow their blogs and learn about their views of thing. While I am working on my month of blogs, I will also be finally ready to let Arianna go into the world. I will also Finally decide on what I am going to finish/publish next. It is always a busy place inside my head, but there is a comfort in that busy feeling and I tend to get rather anxious when it's too quiet in my head. I have made similarities between writing and parenting and this would follow suit as well...parents get to nervous when their young children are too quiet...usually meaning they are about to get in trouble...the same is true with fictional characters who are still only a few chapters old. So happily, there is chaos in my head...which means productivity will be maintained. I look forward to sharing this month with all of you. I will be focusing on different aspects of my author's life...which is fascinating to me. I hope you find it interesting as well.