zzzzz's -- why sleep is an important part of the process (A-Z blog)

Sleep is an important part of the writing process for a few reasons.

**As with every problem in our lives, our subconscious is there to give us an assist. Our sleep allows our minds to rest and our dreams (whether we remember them or not) helps us to figure things out.

There have been so man times I have been stuck on how to start a chapter, so I put it down and worked on something else, so I am still making progress. When I am deep into my sleeping time, I will get a whisper of a "how about we start chapter 27 like this" NOTE -- these revelations usually happen around 2 in the morning. WRITE IT DOWN. Trust me on this -- you will NOT remember the idea in the morning. At best, you will remember that there was something you were supposed to remember. Put it on paper, get a recorder, or, like me, use ColorNotes on your phone. (My handwriting is illegible and my recording is gibberish at that time of day.) Get down enough of the idea so that you have something to jog your memory in the morning. (Whenever possible, get up and write when the idea hits. Not a lot to edit when the ideas come like this. Trust me on this as well).

*The second reason that sleep is an essential part of the writing process is that just in case your waking hours didn't provide enough fodder for new ideas, once again, your subconscious steps up. The scene for Arianna's Honor that started it all was from a dream. Broken Trust started as a dream, as did Driven West and many others. And yes, I put them in ColorNotes and went back to sleep (or put them in ColorNotes, tried to go back to sleep and then got up to write and then sleep).

Sleep is a good thing. So is getting ideas down.