Arianna's Destiny
SKU: 978-1976099465

Sequel to Arianna's Honor, Arianna Collins has to once again help Prince Nicholas, whose kingdom is on the verge of war. With the help of her Gypsy friends and the Prince's best friend, Jeffery, she has to try to protect Nicholas's kingdom.
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Arianna's Honor
SKU: 978-1981404995

Arianna Collins wanted a simple life of just taking care of her brothers and being free to do what she wanted to do in life. A loyalty her father felt for the king has Arianna helping to protect the prince from threats on his life. Can she help him to be a better ruler for the people of the land? 
Nicholas Golding has lived a life of luxury without giving much thought to much else. Suddenly he finds himself away from his castle and learning more about the people and the land than he ever wanted to before, and he might just be a better person than he ever planned to be.
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Broken Trust
SKU: 978-1548167417

Sam Turner's childhood taught her to trust her painting more than she should trust people, and that is what she has done her entire life. Then she meets Ali Westcott, a music store owner who is full of color and life and friendship. And she meets Ben, Ali's brother, who makes Sam think maybe there is more to life than being alone.  
Benjamin Westcott has always wanted to be an architect. He likes the clean beauty of a building coming together with his plans and attention to detail. He doesn't have time for messy emotions if he is going to get his home for runaway kids built. Everything in his life makes sense, until he meets Sam and starts to wonder if a little mess in his life might be just what he needed after all.
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Driven West
SKU: 978-1986622813

Go West. Madison Sawyer gets a strange email with a simple message and she finds herself wanting to escape her life and do just what the email says. She finds herself heading west and being guided along by a Navajo Indian and his wife, both of whom have been dead for 15 years. They are asking for her help to solve the mystery of their deaths and pushing her toward the town of their deaths. When she gets there, she realizes some people will stop at nothing to keep the truth from being discovered. She also finds a man she didn't even know she was missing in her life. With the help of this man, Drew Taylor, she finds a life she can't imagine running away from, if she can find the secrets of the town before the town's secret keepers succeed in getting Madison killed.
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First Down (Book One of Lucky Charms)
SKU: 978-1546923480

Dillon Winters knows all too well the dangers of being star struck by someone in the spotlight. Her ex-husband taught her that lesson quite well. All she wants to do is take care of her daughter, Lilly, and keep her bar going strong.  
Josh Matthews only wants to be quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs and hang out with his friends. He laughs at his teammates superstitions and wants no part of it. When he kisses Dillon for the first time and wins the game, he wonders if there is something to this Lucky Charm idea. With Dillon and Lilly, he finds things missing in his life that he never knew he needed.
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Hat Trick (Book Three of Lucky Charms)
SKU: 978-1976031137

Ty Cole doesn't understand why every woman he dates turns out to be riding a trip to crazy town, but that fear has him not wanting to date anyone at all. He just wants to play hockey for the Kansas City Mavericks and hang out with his friends. When he meets his friend's sister, he is bound and determined to not find her attractive. The fact that the whole team thinks she is his Lucky Charm is not helping since he is supposed to kiss her as part of a skit before each game.  
Mackenzie Wilson had an ugly engagement and an even uglier break up and is just trying to put her life back together. When her brother, JD, tells her about a job opportunity, she has no idea what she's getting into...suddenly she's surrounded by superstitious hockey players and a guy she never wants to stop kissing.  
Will they find out their feelings are real or is it just to win the Championship?
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Redeeming Trust
SKU: 978-1548325497

Ali Westcott loves that things worked out for her brother and sister, but she is bound and determined to not fall into love's trap. She has her music store and is perfectly content with her colorful rebellion, no matter how good Lieutenant Michaels looks in his uniform or how much he seems to accept her exactly how she is.  
Vincent Michaels likes the order and discipline of his job. He likes to take care of things and do his part to get the bad guys off the streets. He certainly has no room in his life for a rainbow-dipped pixie.  
As much as these two try to fight it, they can't quite get each other out of their heads. Will their hearts be able to speak more loudly than their heads to give them a chance?
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Stealing Second (Book Two of Lucky Charms)
SKU: 978-1546448709

Stacey Adams has been in love with her best friend, Chris Jasper since way before he was a shortstop for the Kansas City Royals. Jasper loves baseball and hanging out with his friends, never taking life too seriously. Then a surprise from the past shakes up his world and a kiss that started out as a joke, won the Royals the game and has his whole team calling Stacey his lucky charm.  
Book Two of the Lucky Charms series has the whole gang from First Down trying to get the Royals to the World Series, if Chris doesn't manage to screw everything up in the process.
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Whatever You Make of It
SKU: 978-1983682506

Johnathon Morgan wanted to make partner at his law firm. That's it. That's all he wanted. Everything else he could figure out later, including life with his girlfriend, Rebecca. The last thing he needed was a distraction. But sometimes life has plans for you that are outside of your control. He starts to read a book and expresses all of his thoughts out loud as he reads. To his surprise, the characters in the book can not only hear his spoken thoughts, but can also respond to him. Soon he finds himself completely lost in their world, learning more about himself and what really matters than he ever thought he would
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Words to Write to
SKU: 978-1981702688

Michelle Sodaro has used quotes and weekly activities to help people write on a more regular basis. She hopes to help people develop weekly habits for anyone who wants to make writing more a part of the daily life
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